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Don’t Miss Podcasts June 6, 2013

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably perform at least a few tasks during the week which don’t require a lot of attention or care (like housework, automotive repair, or that unpleasantly long walk on the treadmill).  To detract from the boredom, I often plug in a podcast or two and in this week’s post, I’m going to feature a few of my favorites.  In no specific order they are:

America’s Test Kitchen  I LOVE to cook and this podcast has it all.  From advice on recipes and ingredients to kitchen gadget reviews and a bit of weekly “food history”, you’ll find it an hour of pure (and informative) entertainment.

Travel with Rick Steves  While it doesn’t contain the visual appeal of its television counterpart, “Rick Steves’ Europe”, this podcast does provide a bit of everything the saavy traveler needs.  From great insights into culture and history to tips on enjoying foreign foods, it combines the native know-how of guest speakers and travel guides with Rick’s decades of practical travel experience.

Car Talk  You don’t have to be an automotive genius (or even really care about auto repair at all) to enjoy Click and Clack’s playful banter.  Combining practical advice with random facts and a bit of humor, it’s sometimes difficult to decide whether the program is a comedy routine or a helpful guide to fixing anything and everything that ails your vehicle.  A must-hear program for anyone who wants a reason to smile.

Cycling 360  A great, short program targeted towards helping good cyclists become better ones, Cycling 360 provides listeners with a nice mix of cycling news and practical advice.  It’s a good dose of the road even on a rainy day.

Philosophy Bites  This is the perfect podcast for the would-be philosopher without the time to actually read books on philosophy.  Short and concise, each week’s episode features interviews with modern philosophers on a variety of subjects ranging from the abstract (how do we know that we really exist) to the practical (is vegetarianism more ethical than eating meat).  The podcast retains a friendly openness towards a wide range of ideas and is easily accessible to everyone, regardless of personal perspectives.

This Week at NASA  Yes, I admit it: I’m a space geek.  This charming, podcast does a great job of keeping viewers up to date with everything going on at NASA.  From interplanetary mission and the manned space program to practical application of technology and encouragement for young scientists, this podcast will keep you riveted to your seat!

Planetary Radio  A production of the Planetary Society, this weekly program offers a little bit of everything for the space enthusiast.  Catch up on worldwide space news, enjoy discussion about the latest discoveries, and find out more about “What’s Up” as you gaze into the night sky.  Combining the joy of practical astronomy with the thrill of discovery, it’s sure to get you excited about the universe in which we live.

A Prairie Home Companion  Garrison Keillor’s unique story-telling style almost inevitably makes me smile.  From the exploits of Pastor Liz to tales from the Chatterbox Café, each week’s episode serves up a bit of homespun, hometown news that leaves listeners feeling just a touch nostalgic.

Wild Ideas  I stumbled upon this one by accident and am extremely glad that I did.  Produced weekly by the Wilderness Society, Wild Ideas provides a broad and entertaining look at the natural world.  Listen as hosts discuss everything from ecology and conservation to species profiles and family-friendly outdoor activities.  It’s like a nature magazine for the ears!

Aboard the Knight Bus  This one isn’t an accident.  Join me each week as “Your Friendly Neighborhood Slytherin”, her Hufflepuff friends, a Ravenclaw, and an assortment of guest hosts take a light-hearted and fun look at the “Harry Potter” books chapter-by-chapter!

So there you have it: my top ten “don’t miss” podcasts.  Feel free to give them a try.  And if you have a podcast favorite of your own, don’t forget to share it in the comment box below!


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