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Guitar Toolkit August 21, 2014

I admit to being a bit of an App junkie. So it’s no surprise that I’ve spent some time perusing the iTunes App Store looking for the best guitar app I can find. And I think I’ve found it in Guitar Toolkit. Listed as the “most comprehensive” guitar app on iTunes (as well as the highest rated), this little app does just about everything a guitarist could possibly want.

Looking for a guitar tuner? You’ve got it… but this isn’t a standard tuner. Users can chose between standard tuning and no fewer than 70 alternate tunings! The tuner can also be adjusted to reflect the current capo position, allowing you to quickly tune and re-tune your guitar with ease.

Need a metronome? This one comes with a twist. The app allows the user the choice between a standard metronome and percussion. Play along as a variety of accompanying instruments keep the beat. With a $4.99 in app upgrade, you can select the instruments yourself, as well as create and save your own rhythms!

Guitar Toolkit also comes with a full catalog of scales. From pentatonic to Aeolian and everything in between, you’ll find the scale to fit your style.

Looking for a specific chord shape? You’ll find those as well. Users can search for major, minor, suspended, and diminished chords as well as many others within this well-rounded database. Swap easily from notation to tablature, select your chord, then strum the virtual guitar to hear how it sounds.

The app even includes settings for left-handed guitarists, ensuring that no one gets “left” out!
For just $9.99, Guitar Toolkit contains everything the serious (or not so serious) guitarist needs both at the home and on the go. It’s a single app for every situation and the perfect fix for a guitar-playing app junkie like myself!



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